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In 2008 Åsa Devillaz published a series of practical and thoughtful easy-to-read books on communication. They are aimed at managers and leaders, but could easily appeal to anyone interested in organisation, leadership and communication.

The books have colorful and comical illustrations. With these guidebooks as basis, we offer workshops on ethical & communicative leadership and holistic organisational communication. Welcome to contact us for a discussion!

‘Toolbox for Employees in Crisis’ is a self-help guide and a complement to our earlier books. Unlike the first three ones, it does not discuss how management could improve to make their employees feel good and perform at their best. It focuses on the employees themselves.

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Front and inside of the book Management by Ethics


Management by Ethics
Ethical Leadership in Practice

How do I Manage an Ethical Leadership?

This book presents a new expression within company ethics, Management by Ethics. An ethical leadership is built on compassion and responsibility and is the ground for a successful company.

The book talks about everyday situations at work and describes very specifically how you can lead in an ethical way. By motivating the reader and by explaining why, the author wants to make him or her act in a certain way in very specific situations.

46 pages
ISBN 978-91-977345-5-4


Front and inside of the book Dear Boss,

Dear Boss,
On Leadership and Communication

How Can I Be a Good Leader?

Dear Boss, is a different guidebook on leadership and communication, written as letters. In the book the author describes both good and bad leadership. However, focus is put on positive qualities and “soft” values.

She means that every employee needs to be met by a certain leadership style that fits him or her and wants to invite to reflection on the reader’s own leadership style: What kind of leader am I?

54 pages
ISBN 978-91-977345-4-7

/Front and inside of the book How to make the whole puzzle and make your employees flourish

How to Make the Whole Puzzle
And See Your Employees Flourish!
Holistic Internal Communication

How Do You Make Companies and Employees Grow through Communication?

This book talks about internal communication from a holistic perspective. An employee describes the perfect company in which he works. All employees are satisfied at work and their competence is used in the best possible manner.

In this way, the author shows what she believes ought to be included in good internal communication:

Right or wrong?

48 pages
ISBN 978-91-977-345-6-1

Front and inside of the book Toolbox for employees in crisis

Toolbox for Employees in Crisis
Step-by-Step Guide for a Sustainable Life

How can I help myself feel good?

In many organisations there are employees who are going through some kind of crisis. The reason behind this could sometimes be found within the organisation itself.
It could be due to bad psychosocial work environment such as lack of leadership, unhealthy communication climate or unclear work instructions.

Sometimes the causes of the crisis can be found in the person's private life - however very often both personal and organisational factors play a role.

44 pages
ISBN 978-91-977-345-3-0


Quotations from Readers

Dear Boss, Management by Ethics & How to Make the Whole Puzzle

I love Dear Boss, absolutely the best. It is fantastic, fun, I laughed out loud while on the train back home today – that boss who uses swearwords all the time. Yes, this is a really good book!!! I like the others too for that matter.
I like showing the positive sides, instead of lifting the problems.

Anna Lundberg, PhD in Ethnicity & Bachelor of Laws
Senior Lecturer in Human Rights
University of Malmoe, Sweden

We spoke about your books when you were in Copenhagen the last time and yes, there are definitely things that I can recognise and use. What you talk about is very much in line with what we are trying to make our leadership style here in Merkur. (Devillaz translation from Danish)

Claus Skytt, Customer manager
Merkur, Den Almennyttige Andelskasse, Social Bank
Copenhagen, Denmark

New ways of considering leadership

After 24 years as a manager I have had the possibility to read quite some books on leadership! Few of these reveal new ways of considering the subject and even fewer manage to take in a holistic viewpoint.  The three books on leadership written by Åsa Devillaz offer a new entrance to these questions! The books contain a simple language but have a deep message and they come with thoughtful illustrations and sometimes also with some poetry. There is something in it for all your senses!

Read Dear boss, many times, and find your own boss. Reflect on your own leadership style and how you would like your employees to perceive you as a manager. What would your employees’ letters to you look like?


Management in practice is about ethical leadership. This book describes the simplest things which sometimes are the hardest to do. Åsa’s short and insightful parts become a good reminder, almost as a checklist and can be used in various ways. Maybe you can use them for self-reflection? Or as a working tool in a management team. Consider for instance a passage at each meeting as a basis for a daily reflection.


How to make the whole puzzle is about holistic organisational communication! Wow – a word that covers it all!! This is an important book. All parts come together and influence each other! The book shows the red thread between the different parts in a simple and understandable way.


I read the books again and again and I keep them on my working desk as eye-catchers!
NOW I am eagerly waiting for the next book, curious to know what subject it will cover this time?
(Devillaz translation from Swedish)

Susanne Rosenström Bennhagen
Area manager, Care department
City of Landskrona, Sweden


Management by Ethics

I like the simplicity and what is written in the introduction, that it’s all about looking at yourself and your own behavior and your values and to do so this book is a simple guide and a good beginning. (Devillaz translation from Swedish)

Ingela Bengtsson
Managing Director, Viam Vårdförbundet Service AB

I have been working with ethics and management for a long time. This is why the content of your book was too simple and general for me. However I think that it could be very useful for people who have not previously reflected on the theme and we all know that there are far too many of those people.
(Devillaz translation from Norwegian)

Berit Faye-Petersen
Oslo, Norway


Toolbox for Employee in Crisis

Wolfgang hat mir vor einiger Zeit, als es mir nicht so gut ging, Dein Buch empfohlen.
Es liest sich sehr gut und ich konnte mich mit Deinen Tipps wirklich gut identifizieren.

Viele der Ratschläge (wie z.B. Sport und gesunde Ernährung) habe Ich intuitiv schon vorher umgesetzt, aber es tut sehr gut, zu erfahren, dass man auf dem richtigen Weg ist und dass andere Menschen ähnliche Krisen erlebt haben und diese erfolgreich bewältigen konnten.


Ein sehr schöner Ratgeber, der Mut macht.
Danke und liebe Grüße

Alex aus Deutschland


Book Reviews

The biggest magazine in paper format and online for managers in the Nordic countries
3 March 2008 by Maria André

Working Environment & Health for departments and county councils in Sweden
Book tip in March 2008 under the headline Leadership & Conflict management

Swedish online site owned by Ledarna, Swedish association for managers & leaders
30 June 2008

Book tip in VIAMNytt, paper and online magazine for a service company to the Swedish trade union for self-employed people within the healthcare sector

Magazine for managers and leaders within Unionen, Sweden’s biggest trade union association
Book tip in Position no 1, 2008

Norway’s second biggest daily newspaper
Under the headline JOB, Sunday 30 March 2008, page 5

Ethical leaders need to stand up early in the morning

Go to work early every morning! This is the piece of advice number 1 from the Swedish author Åsa Devillaz, who has written a new book about ethical leadership, with the title: “Management by Ethics – Ethical Leadership in Practice”
Instead of dealing with ethical aspects like employee rights in general, this book gives hands-on guidance to managers in their everyday life at the workplace.
The author emphasizes that the manager needs to be a role model, and be present for his personnel for instance by attending meetings. He or she also needs to take responsibility in case of an accident at work and it is important not to favor some employees before others.

More information on this and other leadership guidebooks: www.devillaz.com.
(Devillaz translation from Norwegian)


Tidningen CITY Gothenburg & Malmoe
Free Swedish daily newspaper distributed in public places like in the public transportation system
Under the headline CITY JOB, page 12

How to become a manager who secures well-being among his personnel at work

Responsible and compassionate managers make up the foundation of successful companies. This is what is suggested by Åsa Devillaz, a management consultant who gives workshops on ethical leadership.
Many companies think that an intranet is sufficient in order to claim to have ‘good internal communication’, but you really need to have a holistic standpoint. Should we or should we not say ‘Hello!’ to each other in the morning?, says Åsa Devillaz.

Many managers are stressed about their own situation where they need to deliver to their superiors. But they are not aware of the really small things which are needed to make employees feel better and become more creative.
– Even better: there is no investment cost and you can start from day 1!
(Devillaz translation from Norwegian)

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