Devillaz & Co

Flexible partner for efficient business collaboration

With broad industry competence and international experience we help industrial companies and their suppliers to develop and implement flexible business solutions for enhanced business collaboration.

We do this in close collaboration with our professional network of partners and preferred business partners in Sweden and abroad.


Shaping international business collaboration.

We work for sustainable business contacts between Swedish companies and customers/suppliers in new markets in our focus countries. This way we wish to increase the understanding of ‘the other’ in meetings between professionals from different language and culture areas.


We wish to contribute to the success of industrial companies and their suppliers in Sweden thanks to efficient business collaboration.

Business Concept

We facilitate efficient business collaboration.

We do this by delivering tailor-made solutions within organisational development & business development.
The blue dot in our logotype symbolises our holistic standpoint.

Business Ethics

To us ethical leadership is based on compassion and responsibility and makes up the foundations of a successful company. In our guide book ‘Management by Ethics’, everyday work situations are used as a basis for discussion on how to lead in an ethically viable way. Read more

Social Responsibility

Our business solutions are based on what we call a ’4xWin Situation’ for the employee, the manager, the organisation and society. This theory is exemplified in our guidebooks ‘Dear Boss,’, ‘Management by Ethics’ and ‘How to Make the Whole Puzzle’. Read more

Sustainability Our Way

By training managers and leaders in how to be good leaders and lead by example in everyday situations at work and to practise an ethical leadership, we contribute in the long run to a sustainable development of both employees and organisations.


This is how we work with quality together with our customers:

In the beginning of our collaboration we agree on who does what, when and how. We follow up with customers and others involved to avoid misunderstandings. Finally we secure customer satisfaction via feedback in connection to delivery of services.

This is how we work with quality together with our preferred business partners:

We perform a yearly quality audit together with those we work with and in complex projects we create a project specific quality plan.


Company History

2005 is founded by Åsa Devillaz as an individual company offering training and consultancy services in organisational development. It is also a publishing house.

2014 The company has customers in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Switzerland and France and services are provided in the Scandinavian Languages, English, German and French.

2013-2016 We work in longer assignments in global web, intranet and change management projects in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden.

2017 The company is tranformed into Ltd with a broadened offer: Senior advisors, preferred business partners and two new focus markets; Japan and China.

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